The Ville's Summer Camp strives to offer a variety of fun activities for kids! We offer a safe space for children to learn, share, and grow while enjoying physical and outdoor activities.

From gardening to cooking and visual arts, the Ville offers both an air of diversity and a platform for youth to discover, explore, and try new things. 

(Ages 5-12)


We have been working closely with the government and public health advisors to ensure the safety of both children and the Ville's Leaders with new COVID-19 measures and protocols in place.

If you have any questions, please contact or call us at (506) 457-0471

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Summer Camp Schedule 2021


During our themed weeks, kids will try new things and connect with both each other and the natural world around them.

** Indicates a Short Week

** Week 1. June 28 - July 2nd: Crafty Kids Week  Camp has been filled

This week is all about crafting and creating!

Week 2. July 5th - July 9th: Olympic Sports Week  Camp has been filled

This week includes all outdoor summer games to give the kids a chance

to try different sports. These sports are geared to be outside to enjoy the

fresh air and stay active.

Week 3. July 12th - July 16th: Outdoor Explorers - Camp has been filled

From building shelters to building campfires, this week is full of activities

to help your child become a happy, confident and safe camper!

Week 4 - July 19th - July 23rd: Mini Scientist’s Week - Camp has been filled

A week of learning about science: we'll be doing experiments and more! 

Week 5 - July 26th - July 30th: Going Green Week - Camp has been filled

A week of growing food and eating it too!

** Week 6 - August 3rd - August 6th: Furry Friends Week - Camp has been filled

A week dedicated to learning more about animals!


Week 7 - August 9th - August 13th: The Ville’s Got Talent Week - Camp has been filled

Learning new skills, practicing talents and showcasing them!​

Week 8 - August 16th - August 20th: Becoming Mindful Week - Camp has been filled

Learn about the activities and learn how to improve your focus through

mindful breathing techniques.

Week 9 - August 23rd - August 27th: Innovator Week - Camp has been filled

A week of innovation and allowing your child to create their own unique inventions!


Week 10 - August 30th - September 3rd: Cool for Back to School - Camp has been filled

Explore, breathe, & connect. Math, Science, Gym, and Art activities to help

you get excited to go back to school! 


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  • $150.00 per week.

  • **$120.00 for short weeks**

  • Drop-off time each day runs from 7:30 am - 9:00 am. Pick-up time each day runs from 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm.