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The Ville's Summer Camp strives to offer a variety of fun activities for kids! We offer a safe space for children to learn, share, and grow while enjoying physical and outdoor activities.

From gardening to cooking and visual arts, the Ville offers both an air of diversity and a platform for youth to discover, explore, and try new things. 

(Ages 5-12)


We have been working closely with the government and public health advisors to ensure the safety of both children and the Ville's Leaders with new COVID-19 measures and protocols in place.

If you have any questions, please contact or call us at (506) 457-0471

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Summer Camp Schedule 2023


During our themed weeks, kids will try new things and connect with both each other and the natural world around them.

** Indicates a Short Week

Week 1, June 26th - June 30th: Olympic Sports Week

This week is dedicated to trying new sports and getting active! The children will get the chance to participate in different sports throughout the week.


**Week 2, July 3rd - July 7th: Mini Picasso Week

This week is all about creative freedom! The kids will participate in different DIY activities throughout the week.


Week 3, July 10th - July 14th: Mission Impossible Week - WEEK FULL

Can you solve the crimes? This week is all about working on your detective skills through escape rooms, scavenger hunts and games.


Week 4, July 17th - July 21st: Around The World Week

This week is dedicated to have special guests visit and educate the children on different cultures throughout the world.

Week 5, July 24th - July 28th: All About Science Week

A week of learning about science: This week will be packed with fun-filled experiments!


Week 6, July 31st - August 4th: The Great Outdoors Week

From survival skills to agriculture this week will be packed with hands on activities to help your child become a happy, confident and safe outdoor expert.


**Week 7, August 7th - August 11th: Beat The Heat Week

Stay cool this summer! Beat the heat week is dedicated to all water activities such as swimming, slip and slides and more.


Week 8, August 14th - August 18th: Furry Friends Week - WEEK FULL

Furry friends will be spent learning about different animals along with having some cute animals come visit the kids!


Week 9, August 21st - August 25th: Infinity and Beyond Week

This week will be filled with exciting activities to learn all about the unknowns of space and the ocean!


Week 10, August 28th - September 1st: When I Grow Up Week

This week will be filled with special guests from different career paths visiting to teach the children about their field of work!


For more information: Contact



  • $150.00 per week.

  • **$120.00 for short weeks**

  • Drop-off time each day runs from 7:30 am - 9:00 am. Pick-up time each day runs from 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm.

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