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The Learning Lab is a creative place to build, test, and share new ideas.

The Learning Lab is the creative hub of The Ville, encompassing our arts and tech room, woodshop and all of the workshops and classes we run out of the building.

Plans for making the Wood shop accessible for the public are in motion through the help of our generous volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved as a member of volunteer, or if you just want to be kept in the loop as the shop evolves, sign up here!

The Arts and Tech room is equipped with 2 3D printers, screen printing tools, sewing machines, a loom, a poster printer and variety of supplies for various crafts. We also have plans to use this space as a shared creative space for the public in the future with a membership that grants access to use of our tools and equipment.


If you have a passion you would love to share with others, consider teaching a workshop at The Ville!

If you have questions about our work spaces or if you are interested in teaching a workshop contact

Upcoming Workshops at
The Ville Cooperative

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