The Learning Lab is a creative place to build, test, and share new ideas.

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Whether you are an ideas person and want to build a prototype, an artist or craftsperson looking for shared studio space, or an experienced builder looking to meet some new people, the Learning Lab is the place for you.


The Learning Lab includes two fully functional rooms to allow you to create whatever you can imagine. The first is a fully functional wood shop, and the second is set up for "clean" projects such as painting, silk screening, 3-D printing, electrical, graphic design, sculpting, and computer-aided design.


A membership to The Learning Lab gives you:

  • Access to a wide variety of tools and equipment

  • A safe space to meet others and work on your projects

  • Lockable place to store your work

  • Great discounts on every class


Interested in learning a new skill?

Workshops put on by skilled professionals are available to expand your                                                  world of building.

Contact for more information on current workshops.

Want to teach a skill?

Share your knowledge with other builders and put on a workshop!

Membership Options:

Hobbyist Membership (for small projects and one-offs)


1 Month  - $40

1 Year     - $400

Commercial Membership (for large quantity/high frequency users)


3 Month - $300

1 Year     - $1000