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Research Component

iGenNB is a pilot project funded by HSPP. As such, there is also an associated research study evaluating the project. Participants in the iGenNB project were asked to participate in the evaluation process. 

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 What is the evaluation about?

We sought to evaluate whether The Ville’s Intergenerational Housing project (iGenNB) is a beneficial, effective, and sustainable model of co-housing. We were interested in the experiences and benefits for older adults and students living together as part of this project.

 Who conducted the research?

The evaluation was conducted by a team from St. Thomas University. Dr. Clive Baldwin, Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies, led the evaluation. Dr. Andrea Trenholm, a postdoctoral researcher, took day-to-day responsibility for the evaluation. Two Research Assistants were also involved with the study. 

 What does participating in the evaluation entail?

In deciding to participate in the evaluation, you agree to take part in up to three interviews, each of approximately 1 1⁄2 - 2 hours in length. The first interview will focus on how you came to be interested in the project, your reasons for signing up, and your hopes and fears for the project. We will inquire about your experience during the recruitment & matching phases of iGenNB. If you are an older adult, we will also ask you about your daily life, friends, family, activities, interests, household expenses, wellbeing, and access to health care.

The second interview, midway into the project, will explore your experiences, what you think is working and not working, and what changes you think might be beneficial. The third interview will finish the project.

Interviews may be conducted face-to-face if public health conditions allow for this. You can choose to be interviewed at home, at The Ville, or St. Thomas University. They may also be conducted over the phone or via video conferencing (Skype or Zoom), according to your preference. You will be asked for your permission for us to audio record face-to-face or phone interviews and video record Skype or Zoom interviews

In addition to the interviews, we would also like you to keep a diary of what happens throughout the project. You do not have to write in this every day, nor do you have to be very detailed. The purpose of the diary is to help you remember what has happened since the last interview. We do not need to see the diary as part of the evaluation, but it
will be helpful when it comes to telling us about all that has happened.

You will also be invited to participate in one or two review group meetings with others involved in the project. These meetings are an opportunity to share experiences and a chance to think about what would make the project better as a group.


 Ethics approval

This project was approved by the St. Thomas University Research Ethics Board, reference number 2020-15. For questions, you may contact the Vice-Chair of STU REB,

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