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How It Worked

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  1. Application

Submit application, references and request criminal record & vulnerable sector check.

After individuals have read more about the program and determined that it would be a viable living solution, the next step is for individuals to fill out an application.

**Please note that filling out an application does not guarantee an interview. Our team will contact all applicants to determine next steps. 

The application requests 3 references who will be contacted once applications are reviewed. The iGenNB team will send consent forms to individuals who they schedule an interview with. These consent forms provide more information on the research piece of the project. 

The iGenNB team will also send individuals with interviews a letter requesting a criminal record and vulnerable sector check. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Fredericton Police department and provide them with the letter requesting a check be complete. 

Apply HERE


 2.  Interview

Interview, home assessment, and review consent form.

Interviews will be virtual or over the phone with one member of the iGenNB team. The team member will confirm answers given on the application form and also ask a series of additional questions.

Added to online registry.

After the interview process, applicants are added to the online registry where they remain until the iGenNB team finds a suggested match. Matches are not guaranteed and are based on preferences, personality, needs analysis and what each individual can offer.

iGenNB team will contact any potential matches.

The iGenNB team will put together groups of applicants who have similar interests that the team believes will be compatible. Each applicant will be invited to a mixer event at the discretion of COVID-19.

 3.  Meet & Greet

Once our project team has reviewed your application, completed a follow up interview, received CRC/Vulnerable sector check and checked at least three references; we will suggest matches as applicants come in. Our team will schedule a meet and greet that will allow participants to meet their match either virtually or face to face while social distancing. Participants can meet their matches up to three times before deciding whether or not they wish to continue with the move.

 4.  Home Visit 

Home visit.

The iGenNB team will schedule a home visit with the matches they have chosen to move forward. This gives the participants the opportunity to see the house, and for the matches to meet one-on-one.

Optional final meeting.

If participants are still unsure whether or not they want to go through with the project, they have the option to schedule a final meeting with the match. 

 5.  Agreement

Decide whether or not to agree to the living arrangement.

This is the point of the project where a decision needs to be made.

Create and sign contract agreement.

Matches who choose to move forward with the project will create an agreement that establishes all the living arrangement details, including things like expectations and house rules.

 6.  Two-week Trial & Move-In

Two week trial move in.

The purpose of the two week move in is to allow individuals who feel anxious about the move in the ability to ease into the project. 

Official move in.

Once the two weeks are up and if things are going well, the young adult officially moves into the home of the older adult.

 7.  Research Interviews & Questionnaires

Initial research interview.

Once participants are settled, Saint Thomas University's (STU) research team conducts their first research interview.

Mid-point research interviews and questionnaires.

Half way through the duration of the living arrangement, STU’s research team will conduct their mid-point interviews to all matches. 

End-point research interviews and questionnaires.

Towards the end of the pilot project, STU will finish up with their end-point interviews to the matches. 

 8.  Check-Ins & Monthly Events

Monthly events and activities.

Each month, there will be an event or activity for the participants to take part in. These events may be in the home or together with all project participants at a venue which will be determined at a later time.

Home visits & check ins.

Home visits and check ins from a social worker will be on an as needed basis.



If participants feel like they are not compatible with their suggested match, their files are returned to our online registry with no guarantee of another potential match. 

Participants will only be contacted if the iGenNB team finds potential matches.


If any participant decides to terminate the contract agreement prior to the scheduled date, an exit strategy will be put in place.


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