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ReCONNECT E-Book Series 

Our ReCONNECT Team has been working hard to provide an "activities at home" e-book for all ages to enjoy. On this page, we will be uploading e-books covering different topics and ways you can interact with us at home each week. Each E-Book will cost $15 with all proceeds going to support our ReCONNECT Kids program.


To access a particular e-book listed, please contact for details and payment options. 


1. Take a Hike!


A great resource for parents to take kids out for a hike and explain what they are seeing. Includes a 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt, Forests and Tree Identification, Wildlife Activity and more!

2. Children's Mindfulness

This Ebook touches on the 5 types of wellness, mediation and yoga practices that have been proven to help kids with focus, feeling grounded, and lowering overall stress levels. All proceeds go towards the ReCONNECT kids program. 


3. Kids' Short Stories & Reading Comprehension

This Ebook encourages comprehensive learning and critical thinking through questions and guides before and after each short story. It talks about the basics of reading comprehension as well. All proceeds of this book go to the ReCONNECT kids program.  

Kids Short Stories FINAL.png

4. Body Week - The Body Explained

It's all about the body systems!


This Ebook offers a kid friendly and easy to follow guide to all the body systems. The book encourages engagement and has relatable information to make the lesson plan fun and inclusive. All proceeds of this book go to the ReCONNECT kids program!  

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