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About The Ville

The Ville Cooperative aims to provide the community with progressive, health-related opportunities by taking a holistic approach to renewable energy, food security, physical literacy, and empowerment through social innovation.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive space for recreation, education, sustainability practices, arts and culture programs, and more.


By partnering with like-minded individuals, as well as fostering a safe space for the community, we are ultimately working towards the emergence of societal structures that provide security, wisdom, and encourage both responsibility and well-being in all.

New Here?

Learn about some of our current projects and programs or support us by volunteering or donating!

The Ville Summer Camp

 Reserve your spot for a variety of fun activities for kids! At camp, we learn about gardening, cooking, science, the visual arts, and more.

Reserve your spot HERE! 


The goal of iGenNB is to enhance quality of life and provide affordable housing and mentorship through connection and co-living.​


We want to empower the community to make a difference and are always looking for volunteers.


The Ville is in need of some replacement tools for our woodshop and gardens to put on classes and projects. 

iGenNB Community Conversation to Connect Generations

You are invited to participate in an online gathering: 
iGenNB Community Conversation to Connect Generations 
Tuesday, April 27th, 1:00 - 3:00 PM 
At iGenNB, we believe the key to building a vibrant, intergenerational community is through pairing the great experience that comes with age with the great potential of youth. 
Do you have untapped talents that you would like to share with other generations? 
Do you want to learn a new skill? 
Are you interested in mentoring or making new connections? 
Or do you want to make a difference in your community? 
Then we want to hear your thoughts and ideas about how iGenNB can facilitate connections across generations. 
Space is limited. Please let us know you are interested by signing up online HERE or by calling (506) 457-1717.