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About the Ville

The Ville is a community based organization focused on renewable energy, food security, physical literacy, and empowerment through social innovation.


Taking a holistic approach, our goal is to provide an inclusive and supportive space for recreation, education, sustainability practices, arts and culture programs, and more.


Through our programs and partnerships we are fostering a safe space for community, and we are ultimately working towards the emergence of societal structures that encourage both responsibility and well-being in all.

Our Objectives


Provide a safe and progressive, 21st century learning environment for community members to flourish, learn, share, and grow

The Ville Team.jpg

Maintain passionate and experienced staff by providing an exceptional work environment with opportunities to learn and grow


Lead by example in the growth and implementation of sustainable green technology initiatives


Become financially sustainable by ensuring that The Ville programming reaches it's fullest potential


Promote food security through education, access to fresh produce, and innovation in the agricultural farming sector


Develop and maintain a strong community of members, volunteers, and engaged partners by embodying a socially innovative mantra

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