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About The Ville

The Ville Cooperative aims to provide the community with progressive, health-related opportunities by taking a holistic approach to renewable energy, food security, physical literacy, and empowerment through social innovation.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive space for recreation, education, sustainability practices, arts and culture programs, and more.


By partnering with like-minded individuals, as well as fostering a safe space for the community, we are ultimately working towards the emergence of societal structures that provide security, wisdom, and encourage both responsibility and well-being in all.

New Here?

Learn about some of our current projects and programs or support us by volunteering or donating!


Reconnect After School

 Reconnect After school program is a fun and safe place for your children to connect, learn and grow. We offer a variety of activities including arts, sports and homework help!



Eco Market

Providing Environmentally Conscious Options (ECO), we're focused on minimizing our waste and plastic use, and serving only locally made products.



We want to empower the community to make a difference and are always looking for volunteers.



The Ville is in need of some replacement tools for our woodshop and gardens to put on classes and projects. 

Whether you have an idea and want to build a prototype, an artist looking for shared studio space, or an experienced builder looking to meet some new people, the Learning Lab is the place for you.


The Learning Lab

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